• Catechism of the Catholic Church in Igbo Language.

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Ulogu.org is a Catholic website packaged to provide Catholic liturgical materials in Igbo. It publishes such materials as Catechism, prayers, liturgical readings, and the likes. Browse them freely. Our corporate goal is to help disseminate our faith and make it further available and accessible to Igbo speaking Catholics both at home and abroad. It is proudly Igbo. Share information about the site freely with your friends on Facebook, twitter, etc. Suggest to us how we can improve this online apostolate. Many Blessings to you!

Ilu Igbo

Igbo proverbs and their meanings

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Igbo penny Catechism published from the popular Igbo Catechism book widely used among Igbo speaking people of old Onitsha Ecclesiastical Province.

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Here are Catholic Prayers in Igbo. Get such prayers as Nna anyi no n'eligwe, Ekene Maria, Otito diri Nna na Nwa na Muon Nso, etc

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Here are published Order of Mass in Igbo language. Get also Eucharistic Prefaces and Eucharistic prayers in Igbo language.

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Catechism and Catholic Prayers Igbo language